• Welcome to Eat Rite Organic!  

Welcome to Eat Rite

100% Natural

The ingredients we use for cooking are in their most natural form increasing the emotional quotient of the elite executives.

Always Fresh

Customers are king, here, at Eat Rite, Queens. We have adopted a dedicated team to analyze and maintain the freshness factor.

Best Quality

Handpicked by the team of professionals, we assure you guarantee over the quality of the ingredients used.

Organic Products

Freshly brewed from the farms around the globe, we offer organic products rich in minerals, vitamins, and other supplements essential for a healthy diet.

What you'll Eat?

Our Strategy

What 90 days?

In the course of 90 days, we will well-equip you with the lifestyle you should live to make yourself fit, healthy, and happy inwardly. Still, if you have any queries we'd be elated to aid you.

Why women only?

They say, "If you teach a man, you teach an individual. If you teach a woman, you teach the whole family." Following the same approach, we focus to educate and enlighten the females of the society, so the entire community can reap its reward.

Mission Statement

Eat Rite ensures the quality of nutrition and dietetics education as well as consulting to advance and inculcate the right methods for food intake on the global level. We are choosing and providing you with the best and finest ingredients.